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“Well this is exciting! The trailer for Dakota's Summer is out! And yes that second song you hear is 'Dive In' by Brie Goldsobel ! Congratulations!” Stephanie Christie - Facebook

“She's small and sweet but this girl is a big ball of talent! She takes the stage with total confidence and performs as if she's in a room full of friends. She did a great job of setting the musical mood show on October 9 in Auburn, AL as she was the 1st of three openers for Aaron Carter. With original songs like "Hello" and "We're just people", it wasn't long before she had the crowd learning words and singing along. She is on her way to stardom and with the help of her head liner, Aaron, I am sure it won't be long before she makes it. Take a moment to listen to her song "We're just people". www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZINkyxCq7ZQ This song really hits home for me because it is specially written for equal rights and anyone who has ever been picked on or bullied. It says: "Why is it so hard to see that we are created equally? Because the last time I checked we are all born free!" Well Brie, you go girl! Keep on climbing up and ignore any haters that get in your way. Just push them aside!” Britney Brilliance - bubblews.com
“Having a great time jamming to some awesome music!!! Playing Brie Goldsobel's WHOLE album in our show today! =] She's that awesome!!” Rachelle Cate Houle - 103.5 FM
“Meet Brie!!!! A talented pop singer/songwriter we had the pleasure to be a part of her first EP album release campaign!! We love Brie! She's on tour right now with Aaron Carter!! Follow her!!!” Parana Studios Facebook
“Tune in to WCCH tomorrow at 2 for my weekly radio show!! This week Michael Michael-Anthony Luis Nunez and I will as always feature some of our favorite covers, but also give a big 'ol WCCH debut to Brie Goldsobel!! She's an awesome artist I met tonight at the Aaron Carter concert. :) I was super excited to purchase her album tonight and immediately popped it in upon getting home. This chick has skills!!!” Rachelle Cate Houle - 103.5 FM
“I have heard people that I know talking about Brie and the Aaron Carter tour, and I thought it was cool that someone that goes to the same school as me is going on tour with a celebrity,” said Mizrachi, who heard the buzz about Goldsobel while attending school at the Florida Atlantic University campus. “I looked up her music video on YouTube, and it’s great. It’s definitely something that I could hear on the radio.” - Danielle Mizrachi” Britney Ouzts -South Florida News Service
“Best song of the night! by SquirelCat Tonight, after many songs tonight, this one got me to fly. ” SquirelCat
“So i just downloaded your songs on itunes and im addcited to live it up. just saying. you are amazing.” Samantha Cossin
“The single is great Brie! I just bought it so I could hear the whole thing Keep up the awesome work, darlin'!!! I could easily imagine hearing that on the radio
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